Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lesson Learned

No way around it, if you are trying to define yourself as a "runner", you have to run. After taking close to a month off (I ran twice in the 3+ weeks after IMC), I've found that all hell has broken body is revolting big time.

Note to self- extended breaks aren't a good idea...dial it back, yes. But don't shut it down!

It ain't pretty but I've been putting in a few miles in the last week and hoping my fitness kicks in here real quick.....I'm getting higher HR's and generally feeling like crap when I run....not good. I deserve this though with my lack of activity in the last couple of weeks....don't even get me started on me feets. It is getting better though so that is a was much easier then last thursday....

Running Updates
5 miles
40 minutes

5 miles
2 x 2 mile loop
7:50 (1mile)
165 HR

Run Double
47:29 ~5.75 miles
163 HR
3 miles (including 1 x 400 @ 1:27)

54 miles
HR 138
I cracked like Floyd Landis at about the 45 mile mark- felt like crap...can't believe I did an Ironman a month ago....

5 miles

2 x 2mile loop
Cut this run short....we are currently experiencing a run of beautiful WARM weather and I was melting out there

5 miles
156 HR

Did you catch that ambitious double on Saturday? Actually ran with my good friend Matt who was in town, over the weekend, scouting out Oregon with his wife, Cindy, and lil one Cruz. He wanted to check out the Nike campus / chip trail so ended up doing a couple easy miles around the loop with him in the pm...also, showed him the nice track on campus where I had to school that youngster with my blazing 400 speed. *joking here*

Matt doesn't really know it yet but he will probably end up plunking down the family in Oregon is just too beautiful here Matt.....don't fight it brother!

Hope you all have been keepin it rollling!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Sorry for my slacker updates lately. One of my best friends from high school was in PDX for a conference so we used that as an excuse to do some pub-crawling around the 503. I didn't realize that Portland aka "Beervana" has quite the collection of brewpubs. I drank more beers during his 5 day visit then I have in the last year combined. Here's a couple tasty brewpubs:

The Rogue

We also closed the bar at Kell's- pretty funny watching my friend have a beer-induced meltdown there. Seriously too old for this shit.....but good times nonetheless.

On the training front...nothing....workouts all seem to be a distant memory at this point but I'll pull it back shortly. It'll be a month since IMC here so I will start with the run focus. I did get in to see a podiatrist but not sure I received the ideal treatment. She stated that she treats Plantar Fasciitis AGGRESSIVELY and before I knew it, I was getting a cortisone shot in both heels....ouch! After getting on the net, post appt, I found that cortisone is often the last resort or at least much later down the treatment scale for most podiatrists.....hmmm.....I'll see how it goes. Kinda pissed that my right foot which did not have any real pain is now much worse after the shot! Also, while she mentioned stretching, she didn't emphasize the importance of flexibility in keeping PF at bay - Fluro commented about the importance of stretching on my last post (thanks for the tip) and I've researched that in the last couple of days as some work to do in that department.

I did catch all the "sub-3" comments on my last post.....holy shite, you all are nuts! ;-) I am planning on hitting it hard but just want to PR (sub 3:11). That might not be in the cards with this whole PF issue though....also, there is a HUGE gap between a 3:10 and a 2:59.....I'm keepin it real, Yo!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Early 07 Races

I haven't been doing much training lately but I am starting to think about it. That's a start eh?? I'm actually getting excited about the 2007 season. I am currently registered for the following in early 2007:

Pacific Shoreline Marathon Feb 4th, 2007
Boston Marathon April April 16, 2007

Can anyone say run focus?

I plan on following some type of modified Pfitzinger plan that I first caught on Zeke's blog. He has a link to one of Pfitz's training schedules in that post (thanks Zeke!). I also plan on getting some input from Steven regarding how I approach the build. I figure I should get some actual speedwork in this season to get closer to that ever elusive 3 hour marathon. No, I don't have any delusions of grandeur here (about going sub 3) but I also don't think it will be a problem to beat my PR of 3:11 as long as I can stay injury free. Currently, my focus is on tackling the Plantar Fasciitis that has reared its ugly head. It has actually gotten better with my lack of activity in the past 3 weeks but I am still scheduled for a podiatrist visit next Tuesday to make sure I keep it in check.

*Climbing on my soapbox*

There has been alot of ugly comments on certain blogs, always from anonymous bloggers, second guessing an athlete's fitness or, lack thereof, because of an Ironman DNF. It is pretty sad....anyone that has competed in or has been around any ultra endurance events (Ultramarathon, Ironman, etc) is acutely aware that any "nutritional or pacing issues" that arise at that distance are multiplied ten-fold due to the distance. Mother nature can throw some curve balls on race day too. So before you make a comment "Anonymous" about how an athlete DNF'd because he /she didn't train enough / didn't have the fitness / over-estimated their ability, etc etc....maybe do a race yourself or spectate at a race. It isn't all about the'll see many ULTRA FIT athletes reduced to a walk or even a DNF.

It is a very humbling experience

Anyone that has the courage to toe the line on such a long day with truly no guarantee of the outcome should be supported. To arm-chair quarterback their performance after a hard day is poor form and bad karma. There is enough negative energy out there without having to deal with it from within our endurance ohana.

One love people

*climbing off my soapboax*


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pretty Much Standing Still

Could my blog get any worse??.....don't answer that question. A whole lotta nuthin going on lately so not much to blog about.

For the J. Cash / NIN fans out there, check out the new ad for on the ads link from "discover a world with a little less hurt"'s that runner puking his guts out while holding pace....whoa!

I did run on Tuesday (first workout since IM Canada) and felt like crap so wasn't sure how the run would go with Rob today. We decided to meet at the Nike campus for a run since he was in town for the weekend. It was nice to get some perspective from one of the hardcore runners out there.....Rob is definitely in that category and a very cool dude. Running tons of mileage and a Sub-3 marathoner to boot...much respect. When I got there at the scheduled meeting time of 7:30am, he had already ran twice around the campus for a 4 mile warmup! We did a loop around the Tualatin Nature Preserve and ended with one lap around the campus for 7 miles. He did a total of 11 for the day. I actually felt a bit better today but definitely need to ease back into it slowly....overall a nice run and felt good to run with someone for a change.

Run Stats
7 miles
54:04 Total Time

I was feeling inspired when I got home from the run and ended up cleaning 3 of my bikes....drivetrains and ended up taking several hours and was a pain in the ass but well worth it. I have been meaning to do it forever and now it is one thing of my never ending "to-do" list.

In other news, I probably need to get into a podiatrist to take a look at my feet since myPlantar Fasciitis issues do not seem to be getting better. Also, the middle finger on my right hand is still swollen and sore after that bike crash 3 weeks ago - F&@#!! I probably better get that checked out as well....although with the sausage finger I can flip people off with extreme prejudice. Aaah..the joys of injury.

Now for all the cool racing this weekend....Lets all send some positive vibes to the boys out racing this weekend.....Donald is racing the Big Kahuna Triathlon and we got Chris and Al ready to rock at Ironman Wisconson. It looks like the weather gods have finally given the IM Moo athletes a reprieve from the hellish conditions they have had to endure in past years. The forecast is calling for cool, cloudy conditions conditions.....PR conditions. Good luck and Godspeed peeps!

Ooops....almost forgot.....No rain today*whew*!! It looked iffy for awhile but no drops so I'm sure that Steven's daughter had a beautiful wedding today!


Saturday, September 02, 2006


I just signed up on-line for Ironman Canada 2007 through hundred plus smackeroos......funny paying that much to flog ourselves come race day......

In other news, it's really strange not having to head out for some monster training session.....actually quite nice to relax....well, maybe not relax so much but catch up on everything that fell to the wayside as this ironman took over my life......

Steven and Karen invited me over for a really tasty dinner at their casa last night.......great food, great company....nice.

Hope you are all having a great Labor Day Weekend!