Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lights Out

Well, I keep meaning to post here but having trouble putting pen to paper lately. I've been thinking it's probably a good idea to formally shut this down rather then fade away. So I'm pulling the trigger...*for now*

I couldn't leave without thanking all those that took the time to land here for a visit though. I'm sure reading my blog was a chore, more often then not, but I truly appreciate all the comments here and those that hit me privately. All part of the most excellent journey over the last two years.

So there you have it...Focus on the positive, eat organic, keep the rubber side down, support your local farmers, never give up, enjoy the journey, count your blessings and all that other good stuff. Here's to keeping it real and the awesome connections along the way. *smile*

I'll catch you on the other side!