Tuesday, January 16, 2007

California Dreamin'

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A.

California dreaming
On such a winter's day....

Yesterday we had sunny blue skies. This morning I was greeted by this.....Mother Nature keeping me on my toes! :-)

I didn't take a chance and brave the roads today- a lot of carnage out there. I holed up and worked from home. The commute should be interesting tomorrow morning. I may have to jump on the bus, Gus!


Sunday, January 14, 2007


I made it through another 70 mile week while increasing the quality/speed of my workouts so that was encouraging. My slowest pace this week was my 7:52 ave for my 20miler but the ave pace was sucked down by the HILLS at Hagg Lake. Steven ran 16 of those miles with me and we were averaging around 7:30 on the flats so that was a good sign. When he peeled off for his car at 17.6 miles into the run (I ran 1.6 before he joined me), I ended up doing donuts on the flat section of the road over the dam to finish out the 20 and was able to keep it right at a 7:15 pace over the last 2.4 miles. He had agreed to hang out for a post-run coffee so I had some incentive to crank it up a bit! The coffee was GREAT since we started our run at 7:30 when the temps were in the 20's- BRRRRRR!!

The day before the 20 miler I ran a hard 7 miler that started off with a 2 mile warmup at 7:05 pace before cranking it up to a 6:33 pace for the remaining 5 miles. Probably not the best protocol for a run the day before going long with Steven but hopefully I didn't hold him up too much. I did notice he was clearly more "conversational" then I was at Hagg (ie easy pace for Steven) and not sure if he was just turning the screws but he seemed to ask me questions right in the middle of our hill climbs while I was trying to suck in oxygen - thanks Steven! ;-)

Today, the legs were feeling the 20 miler the day before but after about 5 minutes, they were back on track and I threw down 10 miles over a rolling, windy course at a 7:40 pace to close out the week.

In other news, I have lost 7-8 lbs since my return from California. Since I put on about 4 lbs over the holidays, my net loss is about 4lbs. I am trying to control all the variables to get everything in order prior to my 2/4 marathon. Weight loss is definitely high o the priority list. I've been pretty strict about my diet in January with green veggie/fruit shakes in the am, healthy snacks during the day, sandwich for lunch, and a bowl of soup for dinner...pretty much grazing lightly all day to get the poundage down and it is working. My goal is to lose another 4-5 pounds but that is going to be a tough call....probably need to turn the screws a bit tighter and not sure if I can do it. Being hungry at night is a tough one. Manorexia- it ain't pretty!

3 more weeks and hopefully I can hit the start line of the marathon ready to crank out a PR. It's all about staying focused a bit longer and building on this momentum. I am on it.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy Belated New Year!!

I know I'm a week late but wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. It's nice to start the year off with a fresh clean slate and make the necessary changes to hit your 07 goals. One of my key goals is to be a bit more disciplined about my eating habits. I think I have a pretty clean diet already but plan on tightening the reigns a bit. I think I have always used exercise as an excuse to unhinge my jaw and throw in whatever I want without any regard to calories or amount- NOT GOOD!!

Going forward, I'm going to definitely be a bit more disciplined so that I can get down to an ideal race weight (and work off that 5lbs that I gained over the holidays!!). Eat green and organic whenever possible and limit the calories in the evening.

Things have been rolling along on the running front. I won't bore you with the details ...actually a bit too lazy at the moment to look up the actual details...but ran 72.5 miles this week and even got in two bike rides. I capped the week off with some solid weekend training:

2.5 hr bike ride with the Ironheads (38 miles, 2K climbing)
10 mile run - late afternoon
I'm looking forward to training with the Ironheads and joining Steven there- pretty darn competitive group with some fast guys / gals. It should provide great motivation!

I "enjoyed" a miserable 20 mile run in pouring rain (thank God for Goretex) with a serious dose of wind. I was so glad when that was over. Running into headwind SUCKS - It made me think of Steven racing out there this morning in that rain /wind. He is not having much luck in the weather dept. for his running races in the past couple of months- I'm sure he did awesome though...will have to check in to read his race report.

We have been getting slammed with rain for quite awhile now so hoping that the weather gods predicting sunshine / clouds *No Rain* for Thurs of next week thru the weekend, hit the mark!

Have a great week!