Saturday, June 17, 2006

Time Will Tell

Steven and I were discussing training today on our ride and how, regardless of what training methodology you follow, you can find data backing your methods or discrediting them. The major bummer with the long course stuff is the delay in obtaining any feedback on your training. After months and months of serious training, it all comes down to that one day- pretty brutal.

Several keys to superior endurance we both agreed on were consistency and big doses of aerobic volume. I've probably been a bit lacking in both departments but doing some serious catchup. A little too late? Time will tell but, in any case, I am really enjoying the bump in volume and don't seem to have any issues with backing it up ......yet.


Run Stats
Ran at lunch and it was very humid. It felt like I was running in a sauna out there and I was melting. It didn't rain one drop for the hour I was out there but when I was getting ready to leave the gym it was POURING.....reminded me of the downpours we used to have in SoCal....I couldn't believe how hard it was coming down.

1:01 Total Time
37:56 (5 mile Tualatin Nature Park Loop)
15:34 (2 mile chip trail loop)
7:44 (1 mile)
158 HR Ave

Bike Stats
I tried to hit the gym for my regular Friday post-work swim but found out that they are shutting down the pool on Fridays at 630pm until August for Water Polo.....I didn't even realize we have a Water Polo League on campus?!?

I headed home and hit the computrainer for an easy spin...set it to 125 watts for some high cadence spinning

1:00 Total Time
125 Watts Ave
96+ Cadence

Steven and I headed out a bit earlier for the ride today because he was heading to Eugene for his daughter's graduation. We got a good dose of hill work on the ride but kept the intensity a bit lower on the flats. Steven is in full taper mode for the Pac Crest 1/2 Iron next weekend so I'm sure he'll dole out a nice ass-kicking next week.

We also cut the duration of the ride a bit. It's funny how 3 hours seems like a short ride after getting in some serious saddle time.

Bike Stats
3:04 Total Time
50.1 Miles
16.4 MPH Ave
132 Ave HR

Transition Run
We immediately went for a run off the bike...funny but we took off at a pretty good clip and after a few minutes we both mentioned it...."hey, you're pushing it!" "I thought you were setting the tempo" "No I was following you"...we dialed it back from there but still finished in a respectable time.

Run Stats
26:26 Total Time
3.8 Miles Total
6:57 pace per mile
160 HR Ave

After I left Steven's house, I headed to the Nike Pool to get in a swim but stopped to get one of these first....nice protein and carb numbers...ignore the rest of that gobbledy-gook! ;-)

I kept the swim very least easier then I normally would swim. Good recovery for the legs since I plan on getting in some serious saddle time tomorrow.

Swim Stats
1:01 Total Time
3500 Yards Total
1 x 3000 Free (50:40)
1 x 250 TI Drills
1 x 250 Free

Hope you're all getting a healthy dose of endorphins this weekend!



Blogger Kewl Nitrox said...

Betta late than never? :)

Sounds like you are really turning up the volume. Have fun and God Speed!

5:01 AM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Your comments during the t-run had me laughing. Celeste and I used to do the same thing all the time.
You must have an iron gut if you can stomach a BigMac. And after last weekends Snickers Bar, I'm beginning to wonder about you :-0

6:58 AM  
Blogger Lora said...

Hmmmm---I think it's time we discussed your arteries....ok, I'll give you a break! (this time!!)

12:47 PM  

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