Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday Workouts

Quick post to note workout stats......busy day and I was still able to squeeze in a couple sessions...it's all good.

Lunch Run Stats
37:42 Total Time
Chip Trail
5 miles total
1 x 2 mile 15:24
1 x 2 mile 15:09
1 mile 7:08
162 HR Ave

Evening Computrainer Ride
Chris' Winter Spin Course
1 Hour Total Time
5 min w/up
5o min course ride w/ 5 min cooldown
16.1 MPH Ave
15 miles
94 Cadence
131 Watts Ave
129 HR ave



Blogger IMmike said...

hey mike,

glad to see youre back up and running (with the blogging). Sounds like you and steven are getting some good riding in.

9:21 AM  

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