Monday, May 15, 2006


I swear it's feast or famine with the weather up here.....we go from cursing the rain & cold weather that seems to always coincide with our weekends to getting hit with a blasted heatwave straight out of hell's kitchen. It was HOT today.

Sunday wasn't much was warm as well but topped out in the 80's. It was slow going in the morning after the beating Steven gave me on Saturday. I wanted to get in a longer run since I have been topping out at around 6 miles since Boston. I don't want to lose all of the base I worked so hard for in the ramp up to the marathon. I've found it hard, mentally, to extend my runs though. I hit the gym and decided to do a swim / run workout. I figured the swim would provide a bit of active recovery for the legs before I hit the chip trail. At the very least, I was going to keep the run on a soft surface.

The swim was pretty uneventful. It was a lazy sunday at the pool so not to many people there. I just got in, punched the clock, and got out 3K later.

Swim Stats
3000 Yards Total
58 minutes
2 x 500 free
1 x 250 TI Drills
1 x 1000 free
1 x 250 TI Drills
1 x 500 Free

Immediately upon exiting the water, I rinsed off, changed into my running gear and hit the chip trail around the campus. At this point, it was around 80 degrees and much warmer then any other day I have laced up my kicks this year. Also, surprised that the swim kinda put me in a semi-fatigued state. At 2 laps (4miles), I was already talking myself out of the 8 miles I had planned for the day. Mentally, this is a good workout since I was running by my car after each 2-mile lap. It was hot, I was tired, and I really wanted to quit after the 3rd lap. I found myself a quarter mile past my car before I was finally able to quiet my "inner-quitter".

After the 4th lap, I hit the timer on my watch and took 3-4 steps toward my car and here's where it gets strange. I don't know if it was delerium or a semi-bonk, but I turned around and hit the trail for one more loop. I guess just wanting to prove to myself that I could push pass the point where I had already resigned myself to stopping. I definitely don't want to lose that battle during a race....especially during an ironman where there are so many highs and lows throughout a long day. So many chances to back off the pace on the bike, to walk during the stop pushing.

Once you allow yourself to give into that weakness, it gets easier every time doesn't it??

We've all been there.....granted there are times where you have to slow down....heat, extreme cramping, nauseau etc....but often times, it is just a decision we stop the pain, to get more comfortable........plenty of time for comfort later....if you are going to toe the line, be ready to give 100% of whatever you have in the tank that day!

Run Stats
1:17 Total Time
5 x 2 mile
Lap 1: 15:32
Lap 2: 15:38
Lap 3: 15:32
Lap 4: 15:47
Lap 5: 15:07
158 HR Ave

Back to today, I thought it was warm yesterday but today it hit another level. I didn't realize how hot it was when I got out for my afternoon run. I remember thinking how warm it was on the way to the gym but it didn't sink in until I was half way around the chip trail. Hot and muggy....crap running conditions. I'm glad I pushed through the workout yesterday because it made it easier to hit the loops today. I did a total of 5 miles before calling it quits.

Couple of tips- don't wear a black coolmax T on a hot day and check the temps before heading out on a warm day. After I got back to work, I checked the net and found out I was running in a nice and balmy 92 degrees! Typically used to running in 60 degree temps until a short time ago so pretty extreme change. I checked the forecast for the next 10 days and it looks like we have another 7 days of rain headed our way Friday......feast or famine......

Run Stats
41 minutes Total
5 miles



Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks for the post on my blog! I tend to take it easy rather than pushing hard but it depends on my attitude. If I'm like, "hey, let's go another mile!" then I go for it. But if the drill seargent in me says, "You can't stop unless you puke or pass out!" then I know it's time to quit.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Cliff said...


Just a curious question..would it change your motivation if u know u will be running 90 degrees weather?? :)

6:47 AM  
Blogger Habeela said...

Going the extra lap..THAT is motivating! I've often wondered if people hit walls because they've set their sites on the specific distance and nothing further. So when they approach their stopping point, they just hit the wall. I'm a newbie maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. :)

Regardless, way to suck it up and go further.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

Nice job on not quitting, Mike! That's what it's all about in a long-distance race...not quitting when those around you are.
I've had times I've wanted to bail out early or even walk during a hard training session but I won't do it. I've never done it. Because I know if I give that first time then the next time it will be that much easier to wuss out. And that is not acceptable.

8:40 AM  
Blogger robtherunner said...

Way to bust out on the run. You know I have different views on walking, but for your purposes I can totally relate to that train of thought. Tough workouts like that are important to get through and by your times I would say that you succeeded.

I probably would have ducked into the nature reserve where it is nice and cool under all the tree cover.

5:16 PM  
Blogger IMmike said...


That's awesome. Every now and then I add stuff to the end of my workouts too. I think it's a great way to keep things fresh and exciting. And you're absolutely right, it helps with the mental side of things.

Enjoy the sunshine.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I'm encouraged to hear the even a Boston runnin' Iron Man has an inner-quitter. Even more encouraged to see that you took off for another lap. Awesome.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

Good workout mentally & physically! We've had rain for a week here, maybe the heatwave is coming next...from your way?

5:00 PM  

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