Monday, June 19, 2006

Race Gear Mishaps

I finally took the time to rummage through all my junk for the little race this weekend and started having some technical difficulties.

Let's see circa 2004 old-school racing singlet / shorts- check. Well...semi-check. Had to give it the ole test run and let's just say, it ain't pretty. I got about an extra five lbs on my carcass since the Boston Marathon and the sausage casing race gear is squeezing it out in all the wrong places. A lil junk in the trunk was not the look I was going for so something to work on before IMC in August. ;-)

Race wheels - che....what the f&#?! I took a look at my tires and found a big split on the front wheel...wouldn't be a major issue if it wasn't a tubular...shite. Now I remember getting that during IM Canada...a $90 tire ruined after one ride.....not sure if there is any way to repair it...I doubt it. You'd think a company would offer an adhesive you could squirt into a split to get some actual mileage out of an expensive tire when this happens- If anyone is aware of any fixes, let me know. I'll have to look into replacing that tomorrow. I also noticed that the rear 404 that I was planning to use had an itty-bitty 11-21 on it. My disc has an 11-25 on it but don't feel I am "disc-worthy" at the moment so will look at swapping out the cassettes too. I think I have everything else in a big pile so hopefully anything I forget will be available at the Race Expo on Friday.

With no taper to speak of, I am a bit worried about hitting this race fatigued. Especially the bike course with its HILLS at lung-bursting elevation. The race starts at 4,167 ft. and you have to climb over Mt. Bachelor at 6,405 ft- I will be sucking some serious wind out there. Plus, they tack on a couple extra miles for good measure 58 miles vs. 56. Good times I'm sure.

Today was an easy day after the big weekend. I just threw in a swim at lunch and punched the clock for the day.

Swim STats
58:30 Total Time
3000 Yards Total
1 x 1000 Free
1 x 250 TI Drills
1 x 1000 Free
1 x 250 TI Drills
1 x 500 Free



Blogger Lora said...

Good luck this weekend at your lil race (which one are you doing??). Any chance we can get pics??

3:49 AM  
Blogger Cliff said...

That climb sounds fun. 2000 + ft of elevation to go up :)...sweet.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

I love the sausage casing reference. But...not a visual I want! So you better get something better by Saturday or I'll make you wear your wetsuit all day.

Seen the forecast? 85* or so...bummer for you and I. Karen loves it!

11:53 AM  
Blogger Habeela said...

It's a race! It's a race! How exciting! No worries about the all the wrong things being squished out. After a HIM, those 5 lbs will be gone for good. ;)

2:23 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

Hey Mike, 2004 was a while ago. Don't you remember shrinking that singlet in the laundry back in the fall of '05? No?

9:38 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Disc-worthy or not, ride that thing like you stole it. Even at 15 MPH, it's totally worth it for the whomp-whomp-whomp sound.

*sigh* I miss my disc. :(

6:41 AM  

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