Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Happy to report that the ole leg is doing better.....not getting alot of noise from the shin/calf area but still icing religiously....not willing to take any chances at this point. This injury has definitely been humbling. I have been pretty lucky in the last 4-5 years without any serious problems that have kept me off my feet. Durability was one of my strengths *I thought* but I found out the hard way why there are old maxims like :

Don't increase your mileage by more then 10% a week
Don't increase mileage and intensity at the same time

After the marathon this month, I definitely plan on keeping it rolling with the running. Maybe not ramping up the mileage so quickly but I do want to keep the frequency up and work on throwing in some faster runs. Zeke had an interesting post about how many runners want to get to Boston but avoid the "blue-collar miles"...the necessary consistency in training and base miles that will get your legs ready to push the intensity. In essence, getting in the base training so that your body has the endurance to absorb the type of training necessary to meet the Boston Q time. Speedwork on a shaky foundation of minimal base miles is an injury waiting to run often......

No worries though- he states (and I totally agree) that most healthy adults should be able to hit their Q time if they focus on the goal. If I can qualify, anybody lie! ;-)
But no shortcuts peeps- gotta put in the aerobic miles.

I did a faster run on the treadmill....not sure if I'm just spinning my wheels with the faster stuff at this later stage......I wonder if it will help for a race in 12 days....hopefully our resident scientist, Mike, can chime in with some thoughts the very least, I figure it will prevent me from losing any fitness...but I was hoping to have an additional 2 weeks of intensity already under my belt before the injury knocked me out for that period.....definitely not an ideal taper...two run-free weeks followed by maybe a little to late? At least I was able to keep the aerobic system primed with the cycling /swimming. Who knows how it will all play out but I do know it feels good to be running again and pushing the pace to boot! The last 800 though....not so fun....incredible that some runners can maintain that kind of pace (and ALOT faster) for a marathon...nuts!!

I was so proud of my little calf/shin.....tough little guy just hung in there for the whole crying......that's my boy!;-)

Run Stats
Treadmill .5% incline
6.25 miles
57 minutes total
Yasso 800's
9 x 800 (6:18/mile pace)
1 x 800 (5:49/mile pace- just for giggles)
2 minute brisk walk/rest between intervals

Post work, got in a recovery was swim lessons day at Nike so the pool was filled with a bunch of ankle-biters.....some of those little ones have excellent their age...just watching them glide through the water....nice stroke...nice kick.....maybe 8-9 yrs old....maybe....pretty darn cool.

Swim Stats
3000 yards total
57 minutes
1 x 1000 Free
1 x 1250 Free
1 x 250 TI drills
1 x 500 Free

aaaaah...another beautiful day......keep chasing the dream!



Blogger Susan said...

Everyone is doing these Yasso things . . . Eventually I will have to break down and give them a try.

7:26 AM  
Blogger robtherunner said...

Nice job on the Yassos. And Yes, I am not quite at the point either where I can wrap my little braing about thinking about running a marathon at a low 6 minute pace. Maybe in a few years.

8:17 AM  
Blogger IMmike said...

Yeah speedwork is great. There are competing trains of thought on whats the best way to train for endurance events. Performance in endurance events can sort of be corellated to your LT, which there are two ways to move: Push it up from below (LSD Training), Pull it up from above (high intensity training). I think that the best way to train is to have key workouts just below your LT during base training to get the push affect and then above the LT during the build period. You can make greater increases in fitness with sub-LT work but you get a more rapid improvement with super-LT work (which is why it's good to put that training closer to the race.)

I agree, you've got to lay down the miles if you want to be successful in marathons. This is why I get so frustrated seeing runners world publish articles entitled "marathon pr on 3 runs a week." Give me a break!

Why are they called Yassos?

9:07 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

They are called Yasso's after Bart Yasso of Runner'sWorld. The true Yasso 800's are going out and running 10x800m then taking the average and turning it into HH:MM to get a guesstimate on what your marathon time will be.
For instance, 10x800 with an average of 3m,5s for each one would equate to a 3:05hr marathon...or so the theory goes. Hasn't worked that way for me yet! I can average sub-3mins for all 800's but the closest I've come to a sub-3 marathon in 3:06! But I'll keep trying.

Glad the leg is doing better, Mike.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Zeke said...

"At least I was able to keep the aerobic system primed with the cycling /swimming."

Mike, I think this is HUGE. The last thing you want during a taper is to lose your aerobic base.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Nic said...

Yassos are quickly becoming my favorite workout. I got in 6 repeats at my goal Yasso pace yesterday, and I wasn't really tired until the last one.

I thought about your Boston shirt the entire time!!!! Seriously, Mike! That was the best inspiration yet. I AM GOING TO WEAR ONE OF THOSE EVERY DAY AFTER I RUN BOSTON!!!!

9:10 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Susan..a lot of Yasso love round these parts...have at it!

Rob- I'd like to be able to run a mary at a HIGH 6 minute pace!;-)

Mike-thanks for the training has probably always been on the push-side. I'm going to make an effort to lift my steady workouts this year.

Steven- 3:06...I'd take that PR anyday!

"Zeke" - I hope the aerobic base will be enough..still not perfect since it wasn't run base but gotta work with what I have.

Nic- cool to see you so motivated and great job on the Yassos! Re: Boston, the expo is great...a lot of cool stuff there. My first Boston, I had to get EVERYTHING..T's, jacket, coffee mug, etc etc. fun times!

11:27 PM  

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