Sunday, March 26, 2006

And Baby Makes FIVE!!

So what is the significance of the lil toddler free shoe? Well, I had to run out and get them because of some great news. My friends Matt & Cindy welcomed a beautiful addition to their family yesterday with the birth of his son Cruz Whitaker!! I love that name...Cruuuuuuz, just rolls off the tongue like buttah. I had to work on getting him into the "right" shoe brand early! ;-)
They've got quite the collection of beautiful kids- now all they need is another girl and they'll make it an even 2 & 2- right Matt? Matt!?
Other than that exciting news, I got nuthin. Not much in the training department today...I was cursin myself for not riding long today instead of yesterday....I guess you need to be a Oregon native to call the weather around here....maybe a few drops here and there today but for the most part dry....Steven mentioned that he postponed his ride til Sunday for the chance at better weather but when I checked the forecast on Friday, it looked identical for Sat/Sun!?! least someone got a nice DRY ride this weekend. Hope you all had a great training weekend...I already know some of you did so keep it rolling and be safe!

Bike Stats
Tri-bike Trainer
1 hour
10 minute warmup
Alternating 5 minute intervals on aero bars w/ 5 minutes easy spinning
5 minute cooldown
125 HR Ave (Z1)



Blogger Whitaker Family said...

Yo Bro - THANKS!!! I am more curious as to where the big ones will end up! Sorry - I'm the King Mooch. I've gotten props twice now - man, you really are running out of things to report on, aren't you!??! Since you did a long bike within the past few days, chalk up your "slackin" to recovery and rest for the injured leg. Hope the PT visit goes well on Tuesday - hey - you still have to find out how I can get a job there! I'll update tomorrow on the fam... Swim and bike and go easy. You could run Boston in your sleep, my fit friend...!

10:56 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

I should have ridden Saturday! I got rained on 3 times, but only once of any significance. But I did get in another 70-miles on the Plasma and cleat issue is dialed in and fixed! So now I can park it unless there is 0% chance of rain!
Hope the mending is progressing for you...

9:59 AM  
Blogger IMmike said...


The pictures of those shoes reminded me of a question that I've been meaning to ask you. Have you ever run in the Air Cesiums? I run in Asics 2100s right now and am considering trying out the new Nike shoes. Conceptually they seem really neat and the weight of the shoe makes them pretty appealing. I don't think I need too much motion support from my shoes although I do need some. Since youre obviously a good runner, I'd appreciate any feedback you might have.


3:42 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Whit- sorry bro, the big ones are a size 9!
Strange Steve- we both end up stating we should have rode the opposite day...that rain must have shifted around both days eh?!
Mike- not sure about the good runner since I don't seem to run anymore but I like the Air Cesiums...will have to touch base off-line

9:30 PM  

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