Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ugly Running

It was a beautiful day today in the Pac Northwest....sunny skies and light winds. After moving around a bit slowly this morning, I found myself finally getting out for a run at about 11:30am.....I guess I have been lurking on too many serious running blogs because I don't know what I was thinking going out for a run after plowing thru a 22 miler yesterday. I need to remember that my legs ain't down for 75-100+ miles a week....and probably need a rest day after a 20 miler.

I barely broke 60 miles this week and that was including the ugly running I had to resort to today. I was the guy that I'm sure you have all look and say to yourself...whoa, check him out....ouch, he is running stiff.....that does not look good...he's got wooden legs....
ugly running....thank god I only suffered thru 5 miles.

Run Stats
5 Miles Total
41:46 Total Time
8:21 Pace
154HR (Z1)

The good news is that I went for a bike ride after the run and my legs felt good......whatever....I'll take it. I didn't get out till around 2:30pm so my laziness limited my saddle time. Some minor drama on the ride...I think a bee flew into my helmet...whatever it was, it was buzzing around in there and it wasn't happy. I came to a skidding stop, ripped off my sunglasses went flying as I batted at my head....I must have looked nuts to the passing cars but I didn't get stung so it all ended well. Second incident was some nutjob in a jacked up 4x4 who decided he need to ride as close to the shoulder as possible while his s%#$ for brains passenger decided to flip the bird to me and the other cyclist about 75 yrds up the road.....I thought I was riding in SoCal again.....Oregon has been great with the majority of the drivers giving cyclists a wide berth around here....unlike SoCal where I've had some pretty "interesting" encounters with some dumbasses that don't seem to realize that they can kill someone with their stooopid jokes....

**deep breath***take me to my happy place***

Ok, where was I? Yes, riding.....other then that excitement, the ride was great. Great legs felt okay....was able to get in 50 miles before it got dark.

Oh- forgot to mention that the last 4 miles into a headwind at 11mph was a buzzkill. How come you never have tailwinds in the last 4-5 miles!?

Bike Stats
50.12 Miles
17.4 mph Ave
131HR (Z1)

Hope you all had a great (and safe) training weekend!



Blogger Whitaker Family said...

Nice work Mr Mike. Interesting how you can feel good on the bike despite wooden legs on the run. Don't overdo it my friend! Boston is a midseason goal and IMC is a looooonnng way off to keep up this pace! But that's coming up from an old washed up wannabe. Turned around and only got in 8 verus 10 myself in the rain - too little sleep the last few days... Wonder if I can get in shape just reading your blog...?!?!?!?!?!?

9:49 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

I'm a dork...can't get this right. You are awesome. I get tired just reading this stuff!!! Want a 4:45 AM wake up call to get an early start?? Miss you..

10:15 PM  
Blogger Cliff said...


i read about your previous post about Sushi post-run. That's a good idea :). Fish = omega 3 = good. For me though, i dont' enjoy sushi buffet. There is a lot of those around my area. And all my friends love to go b/c it is cheap. Frankly, I do not enjoy eating sushi-buffet. First, i dont' know what kind of fish they give me. Doubt the best if it is all you can eat. Second, I tend to over stuff myself at buffet.

I never had a bee fly into my helmet. But my shades always smack them when i ride. [Note to self: always wear shade when biking].

12:51 PM  

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