Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just A Run Today

Keep it moving, nothing to see here.....not much going on in Miguel's life right now besides a very busy work schedule with the occasional free moment to sqeeze in a workout. For some exciting news, check out Steven's blog....he just got a new Scott of the more cutting edge carbon bicycle frames currently on the market from an aero / weight perspective....and pretty darn easy on the eyes to boot.....friggen lucky bastard....time to start saving those pennies myself.

My legs are coming around....glad I took the day off....I was going to swim at lunch but decided against it....I don't want to get burned out on swimming at this early stage....way too soon to be putting in a ton of yardage. I decided to blow off training altogether and hit the Nike Employee Store at lunch.....does shopping count as a workout?? I remember a year ago when I first started at Nike, I would hit the store 3-4 times a week to check out all the new gear but now I've ramped it down to maybe once a week......easy to justify purchasing a ton of gear at employee prices so when I walk out of there empty handed, I consider it a minor victory...I was able to stare down all that product screaming BUY ME!!!! and walk.....doesn't happen too often but today I won.....

Of course I'm not counting the pair of air max 360's I bought for a friend today....just personal purchases....I have willpower.


After work, I decided to give my legs a spin on the ole dreadmill.....not too bad....definitely had to focus for the last 20 minutes but it's all heat related....once the temp gauge rolls into the red zone, I have a hard time cooling off so HR jumped a bit in the last 30 minutes and all I could think about was getting off that F&#%! mill........mental victory that I pushed it through for the full 10 miles.....set the mill at right around what I figure would be marathon pace on a good day......didn't feel like I was pushing it from an RPE perspective....just the truly sucks the life out of me.

Run Stats
Treadmill 1.0 incline
1:14:25 Run + 5 minute cool down walk
10.25 miles total (10 mile run / .25 mile cooldown walk)
.5 mile warmup at 8:30 pace
9.5 miles at 7:13 pace
HR 163 ave for 40 minutes (Z2) / 170 ave for 35 minutes (low Z3)



Blogger Cliff said...


I am quite amaze. Yesterday your legs need rest and just run today as if it was nothing :)...ha i guess that speak for myself as well.

Must be good working at Nike. Sweet..i ain't a big nike fan myself but employee price...damn...that's nice.

If u want some pennies, i got a few hundreds canadian pennies here...i am sure they might worth something...if not, u can always melt them and sell them as scarp metals...

6:37 AM  
Blogger Nic said...

So THAT's why you don't wear Asics. And that's ALSO why you can run at lunch! You work for NIKE!

Sorry, Nikes just don't fit my feet. But I have a lot of Nike gear. That OK?

And yes, OF COURSE shopping counts as a workout. As if you even had to ask!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

...friggen lucky bastard...? Is that what you called me?

Well, that's OK since that is exactly what I am!

Let me know when you can score a guest pass or two to the store! I don't wear the shoes (I'm an Asics man) but do wear everything else. And I actually need some new shorts, a longsleeve shirt, and some socks.

C'mon man! Get me in there to spend my money!

2:51 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Hey pennies but I'll take some loonies & toonies- love that canadian money..nice to look at vs. our boring bills!
Nic- yes, asics makes some good shoes...I ran several marathons in kayanos before I worked at Nike- glad to hear you are rocking our gear- and thanks for clarifying the shopping/training question!
Steve- you lucky bastard!;-) You are in bro- we'll have to get you into the store.

11:13 PM  

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