Sunday, March 12, 2006

Late Start

I had a late start to my day....I had planned to get out early for a run and then follow it up with a longer bike ride but didn't get around to lacing up the shoes until around 12:30. I was moving a bit slower after that long run yesterday so it took some time to get going. I kept it on the easier side.....strange but even though I felt like I was running a lot slower on the return trip (had to go UP the rollies on the way back), I pretty much ran even splits so that was good.

Run Stats
1:20:17 Total
10 Miles Total
5 miles out (40:11)
5 miles back (40:06)
152 Ave HR Z1

Life got in the way of my planned bike ride.....had to hit Trader Joes for some vittles....nothing worse then hitting Trader Joes on a Sunday Afternoon though......they are OUT of everything....need to change up my shopping schedule....they were out of ben & jerry's......I'm sure my heart thanks me but not a good thing.

I had to settle for a short trainer ride but the important thing is that I got some saddle time so that's a plus.

Bike Stats
1:15 Total
Trainer Tri-bike
Easy Spin
118 HR ave Z1



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