Saturday, March 11, 2006

Going Long

I decided to run the Leif Erikson Trail in Forest Park....if any of you make it to Portland, you have to make time to run is a beautiful park system right in city. I found the pic on the net- it is from the Erikson trail, between mile markers 8 & 9. This out & back trail has mile markers every 1/4 mile so you know how far you have gone and how far you have to go at any also allows you to monitor your pacing.

I was suprised to see blue skies when I was getting ready to drive out there but dressed for cold temps (wise choice).....a BIG cup of Peet's Major D's coffee and some good tunes (ray lamontagne) for the drive and I was rolling. The layers were a good idea...the temps stayed in the low 40's for the whole run.

The run was great! The trail gets pretty empty once you pass the 6 mile mark, most runners have turned around at that point. The scenery is beautiful out there...very quiet with a nice canopy of trees. I was feeling pretty good and clicking off 8 minute miles...pretty much hitting 2min for each quarter mile while running aerobically....was pretty happy with that since the course is pretty rolling with more up then down on the way out. I was planning to do 20 but was feeling pretty good at the 10 mile marker and pushed it to 11. I'm glad I had gravity on my side for the return trip....thru about mile 17, I was feeling really good....didn't have to push at all....just gliding thru each mile marker...feeling the distance in the legs beyond 17 but at that point the trail was pointing down so ended up negative splitting the run.

I will definitely keep this workout in the back of my mind....sometimes, everything falls into place and it can be a beautiful will definitely help me punch the clock during those tough workouts when every step seems have to back it up day after never know when everything will fall into place for a great workout.

Hope you all a great training day!

Run Stats
22 Miles Total
11 miles out (1:28:00) 163 HR Ave (Z2)
11 miles back (1:26:54) 159 HR Ave (Z2)



Blogger Darrell said...

When I first opened this post my response was "OOOOOOOOOO". What an absolutely perfect place for a run. I want to go there. How could you not enjoy that.

Don't you just love it when runs go as well as this on did for you.

6:18 PM  
Blogger IMmike said...

Nice run mike. Sounds like you had a great day

6:38 PM  

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