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Switching off sedentary mode back to workout mode today after 2 days's funny but figured the two days off would help my legs recover a bit....they have been feeling "off" lately but no such luck so I figure I'll just train through, 46 days.....hmmm....what is the significance you ask?

"Bwahston" Beantown The Boston Marathon

I can't believe how fast it is coming up here. I spent some time reviewing my training logs from my marathon PR in 04 and noticed one significant difference between that training block and my current training....the lack of mid-week long runs. The frequency is pretty much the same with 5-7 days of running (trying to run everyday);however, I was able to throw in 2 runs of 1:15 / 1:30 during the week with the regular long run on the weekend back in 04. Currently, my weekday runs consist of 45min- 1hr of running which is not good! How can I expect to run a solid marathon on 50'ish miles a week during the higher that 3:17 marathon last month makes sense...I didn't have enough miles in my legs
I have been doing a fair bit of research on Arthur Lydiard on the net and his training protocol. The couple take-aways from the research is that I have probably been running a bit too slow during my "aerobic runs" and I need to do several long runs a week (preferably 3 - two runs of 1.5 & one 2+ hr run). Lydiard advocates training aerobically at a pace that falls just under your Anaerobic Threshold. I'm not going to kill myself by trying to ramp it up that much at this point since I haven't followed his program but figure I can at least nudge the average HR up to the ceiling of my Z2 HR according to Friel's charts. Joe Friel has also changed his tune regarding optimal aerobic training pace since he wrote the T-bible- rather then doing all the LSD, he now advocates training aerobically at a pace about 20 beats less then AT (mid-upper Z2). Since my Z2 range is 158-168- I am going to try to get my run HR ave to around 165+ (My run AT is 185). Typically my HR ave has been in the 150-160 range which is Z1 / barely Z2....probably too slow. I have 46 days to absorb as much faster aerobic run volume as I can before Boston. I still plan on swimming (this should help in the recovery dept) and cycling (legs don't fail me!!) so we'll see how I hold up. Here's day one under my belt:

Run Stats
1.5 hours total
12 miles
167 ave HR (high Z2)
7:30 / mile pace

Having said all A race this year is Ironman Canada....this run focus will do absolutely nothing toward having a good race there....hoping it will help in the durability dept. but a bike focus would definitely be the optimal path.....but it's Boston right!?!? to give it a go......
46 days....Let's Run!!


Blogger IMmike said...

I agree about your training zones. I try to stay mainly in mid-high Z2 and low Z3. Every now and then I do drop down and do a Z1 workout, which I think is especially valuable for recovery. Also consider maybe doing 2 weeks of interval stuff 5&4 weeks out. This will help you peak.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

Hey Mike,

I don't wear a HRM nor watch my zones too much. I'm more of a Borg Scale of RPE type of guy. I set out to do an easy run and I just run what feels easy. Some days that is 7:30's and some days that is 6:50's...I never know until I run.

But on the hard days (ie, speedwork days) I push it hard. Not until I'm going to puke, but hard enough that I need to watch that I don't do it more than once per week, normally.

Regarding your looking at Lydiard's method of training...he is a BIG volume guy. I have a buddy that runs that way and he runs back-to-back-back 100+ weeks in prep for Boston. I personally think that is CRAZY, but he swears by it. Granted, in a running race at distance when he is trained he is faster then me, but not by much. Maybe 3 minutes in a 10K and up to 15 minutes in a marathon. But he can't swim nor ride on top of it and he is always nursing some ache or pain.

I'll stick to what works for me and that is less volume, but every single run serves a purpose and I am not just piling on the miles to pile them on!

Go get 'em!

3:00 PM  

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