Monday, February 27, 2006

A Cure for the Monday Blues....

Well I found out the cure for the Monday morning blues....Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!! A friend at work was nice enough to make me some delicious Choco Chip / PB / Oatmeal cookies- Thanks Kathy!! Totally unexpected.....those always seem to be the best.....the only problem was my total lack of willpower in keeping my hand out of the cookies all day.....well, we need a reason to get out here and train right?! ;-)
My legs still are a bit sore from that run on Saturday so I went for a swim at lunch. I felt pretty good in the water...ended up doing a longer yardage straight swim to break up the 500's I have been focusing on lately.

Swim Stats
3000 yards total
53 minutes
1 x 2000 free
1 x 250 TI drills
1 x 500 free
1 x 250 TI drills

After work, I rode the computrainer for an hour....kept it on the easier side...did the "winter spin" loop which is pretty flat except for the extended roller mid-ride.

Bike Stats
1 hour as 5 min warmup / 55 minute course ride
16.5 mph ave
15.1 miles
131 watts ave
97 cadence



Blogger Steven said...

Cookies are THEE weakness for me. When I come home to a batch of fresh baked cookies my wife has made...that's trouble until they are gone! Oatmeal are my favorites.
But like you say...that's why we train! Well, that and to get faster, too, I guess.

Any weekend riding plans?

11:33 AM  

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