Monday, February 20, 2006

Caffeine Is A Helluva Drug.....

More on the caffeine later......had a pretty lazy start to my day....legs were feeling a bit fatigued so I decided to hit the campus to run on the trail...the sun is gone and, with the cloud cover, had to bundle up but had a good run...kept it on the easier side

Run Stats
8 miles (4 x 2 mile loop)
1:02:22 Total time
15:38 loop 1
15:30 loop 2
15:38 lap 3
15:36 lap 4
Ave HR 159 Z2 (z2 HR 158-168)

Immediately jumped into the pool post-run....wasn't feeling too motivated through the set but was able to make it through 2500

Swim Stats
48 minutes total
5 x 500 w/ 45 sec to 1 minute rest

I was going to cut my training day at the run / swim but decided to have a super-size mug of coffee in the pm....probably not the greatest idea since I'm sure it is going to be tough catching some zzzzz's tonight but it motivated me to hit the bike.....surprised at the effects of the mighty bean....I did the "25 mile loop" course on the computrainer....hard to get any kind of rhythm on this course as it is littered with a number of rollers throughout...some extended was no match for the coffee though.....I zipped through an hour like nobody's biz! ;-)

Bike Stats
1:05 (5 minute warm-up calibration / 55 minute course ride / 5 minute cool down spin)
15.8 Total miles
17.0 mph
151 watts ave
96 Cadence
133 HR ave (Z1)



Blogger Steven said...

You trained all 3 sports in one day? Very nice. And each one was a good distance and a good pace. Nice again.
BTW...I'm riding 4-4.5 hours this weekend. If you're interested in meeting up for some or all of that e-mail me directly from my blog.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Whitaker Family said...

Just reading this I am starting to feel motivated. I cleaned my chain and put my pedals back on my bike... OUCH! Am off to run at 8:45 at a crisp 30 degrees versus the 18 this morning. Actually purchased my Structure Triax at REI on Sat for a whopping $25 - sorry Mike, but thanks anyway! Oops - shouldn't have said anything!

7:43 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Mr. Matt,
Do not tell me you are creating a blog under the moniker "hazben" - you are far from it! Glad to hear you are getting in some workouts with the BUSY homelife! Structure Triax? A most excellent shoe!

10:26 PM  

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