Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Easy Swim & Run Today

It is really nice to get some structure and consistency back into my training.....I had serious doubts of whether I could ever get back to a point where I could stack on 18-20+ hr training weeks when a single long bike or long run wiped me out last summer.......lately I have been feeling pretty good and looking forward to the next workout everyday so hoping I can get back to my former training self here in the next couple of months! ;-) Today I swam at lunch......still trying to build some aerobic fitness in the pool and was planning to do my typical set of 500's but once I started, I just kept swimming.....and swimming......

Swim Stats
45 minutes
1 X 2000
1 x 250 TI Drills
1 x 250 cooldown

Doing a straight 2000 after only doing a handful of swims definitely was a good feeling........after work, went back to the gym for a treadmill run....

Run Stats
Treadmill / 2% incline
45 minutes total
8.5 min pace
42 min running / 3 min walk cool down
low Z2 HR

The only bummer about treadmill running, besides the BOREDOM , is the temps....without any breeze to keep me cool, I end up baking near the end of any treadmill run and my HR seems to jump about 3-5 bpm.....probably not an issue since I kept the run pretty easy......also, with how beat up my legs felt during the later stages of the marathon a week ago, I am planning to make a concerted effort to run on the road whenever possible.......didn't have any cold weather training gear with me and it is COLD right now in these parts so slunk my way to the treadmill....well, a treadmill run is better then skipping a run altogether right!? thought so.........*peace*


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