Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday Workouts

The morning was a bit chilly but with no rain in sight, I decided to get out there for a run....first run post-marathon and it felt good to get back out there after the extended break this past week.

Run Stats:
1 hour
~6.5 miles
Z1/Z2 easy / aerobic over a rolling course

I then decided that I should probably get some work done and had good intentions right up to the point where I was finally driving into work but decided to bag it at the last minute.....since I was already on campus, decided to hit the gym and get a swim in.......the swim was GREAT! I am pleasantly surprised at how the swimming has been coming along.....this was only my 3rd swim after close to a 1.5 year break after Ironman Canada 04 and it went pretty well.

Swim Stats:
3300 yrds
1 hour
6 x 500 w/30 to 45sec rest
250 TI drills
50 yard cool down

Surprised at how "doable" the 500's felt....granted I am not swimming fast or trying anything my book that would be anything other than freestyle while breathing on my left side every 2 strokes (swimming is definitely not my strong suit- I think my PR over the 2.4 mile IM swim is 1:04?? I can't even flip turn).....right now just getting the body used to the idea of regular swimming.........I can feel it a bit in my arms now but that's was a good day.....and it ended with the most beautiful sunset....I heard that we are now gaining 20 minutes of daylight weekly....GREAT we just need the sun to stay out on a regular basis.......*peace*


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