Tuesday, January 31, 2006

4 x 400

Swim? Nope....my run for the day...did a little warm-up / cool-down so ended up running for about 20 minutes....i did the intervals at a 6:15 pace / treadmill / incline 2..........yes, quite the nancy-boy workout but I'm tapering....that's my excuse and I stand by it!
In other news....RAIN , RAIN , and MORE RAIN!! It doesn't seem like there is an end in sight...i'm just glad that this is a bit abnormal (we've moved into 4th in the rankings for wettest January since they have been tracking it in the 40's I think).....I did "winterize" my cross bike......threw on the fenders & training tires and plan to start saddling up here after the marathon this weekend. To that end, I have ordered almost every item in Nike's wet / cold weather cycling apparel line-up.....looks like I'll definitely be needing the waterproof jacket....lots of fun I'm sure! If you see me cruising around Beaverton / Washington County, give me a shout! **peace**


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