Sunday, January 29, 2006

Taper time

I am currently in the final week of a marathon taper for the Pacific Shoreline Marathon on 2/5/06. I am hoping to run a sub 3:15 but have doubts of whether I have the current fitness to get there. In any event, I am running 7:15 -7:20's until the wheels fall off! ;-) In the past, I have been hit with calf-cramps around mile 18-19 in a couple marathons which, for me, is entirely "lack of endurance / speedwork - related" vs. dehydration as many people believe. I'm hoping I don't get that familiar twinge in the later stages of the marathon. No pressure for a qualifying time as I am already in for Boston 06 but would be nice to get qualifying out of the way for Boston 07. I am not a pure runner so just seem to barely get under the qualifying time every year....maybe I should start getting serious about some speed work or pace runs!?! Yesterday ran 8 miles kept it in Z1/Z2 with about a 15 minute tempo thrown right into the middle of the run. Today it was an easy run on the treadmill for 35 minutes.....incline 2.0, 8:20 min/mile pace


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