Sunday, January 29, 2006


Where to begin...I've been doing long-course triathlon consistently since 1999 before my focus and fitness went off the radar in 2005. I was living / training in Orange County, CA when I received a job offer in Beaverton, OR. This was over the Xmas Holidays in 2004 with a start date of 1/3/05. Timing was a bit intense but I had always wanted to relocate to the Pacific Northwest so I jumped at the chance. Fast forward a couple months, I was trying to get into the groove at work while adapting to everything in Oregon- something had to give and unfortunately it was training. I was able to salvage a Boston-Qualifying marathon (barely) and compete in Boston but that was the extent of my racing in 2005. I had to drop out of Ironman Arizona & Ironman Canada **sigh**
I figured maintaining a training journal in 2006 would motivate me to get back in the groove. I am currently entered in IMC 06 and plan to actually hit the starting line in Lake Okanagan this year!


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