Monday, January 30, 2006

Sun Breaks

The rain and wind were pretty intense last night...I heard that we have officially made it into the top 5 wettest Januarys in Oregon History? In any event....the rain never stops...usually a gentle drizzle but sometimes dropping in buckets....I had an easy 3 mile run planned and it actually coincided with a sun break in the soon as I stepped back into the building from my run it started raining again.....nice. Usually I get stuck with the starts raining as I start my run. Run was pretty uneventful except for the fact that my legs felt like crap for some reason....taper is always strange.
I decided to take a swim after work to get in a little has always worked in the past....strange but did the math and realized that I haven't swam since IMC 04....i haven't been in the water for over 1.5 years!?!? Where does the time go...i have no excuse with a 10 lap indoor pool at one of the two gyms we have at has mocked me for the last year.....felt good to get in the water again....i swam a 500 out of the blocks, did 250 of TI drills, another 500, 250 TI drills, final 500 before jumping out of the water with some worked arms......definitely feels foreign.....nice to finally break that streak though........consistency Mike....i'm working on it...


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