Friday, February 10, 2006

Swoosh Addiction

Well...haven't worked out in 4 days and it feels pretty good...nice to refresh and recharge my batteries after the less then stellar marathon last week. Looking forward to punching it again in training and throwing in a fair bit of cycling and swimming.
I just picked up a couple pairs of running shoes of the benefits of working for the BEST shoe company in the world is the great shoe deals .......on new product as well as deep discounts at the "sample sales" that happen on a pretty regular basis...I love new shoes......and have a major problem saying no when they are such a bargain....I always justify it by telling myself that a nice rotation of shoes helps to keep me injury-free! ;-) Yeah ...that's's some of my recent purchases:
Upper Left, the new Structure Triax 9..nice update to a great stability shoe...will definitely put some mileage on these
Upper Right: Structure Triax...last year's these cheeeep so will rotate them with the new model
Lower Left: Air Max 360...beautiful sneaker...pretty awesome update and really raising the bar on the whole air franchise...probably won't wear these running since these are my "dress sneakers" there such a thing? I decided to take them out of the box a couple times this week since it wasn't raining....very comfy!
Lower right: Air Cesium...pretty interesting concept has built the features of an orthotic into the shoe....I would have to give them a thumbs up...have done several 2.5 hr runs in these sans orthotics without any knee / ankle pain....great shoes
Have a great weekend people! *peace*


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