Monday, February 13, 2006

Punching the Clock...

Well I took a chance yesterday and washed my car....woke up today to a light drizzle...argh......had a busy day at work and was planning to get out at lunch for a run but discovered that the pool was available all afternoon for lap swims so took a dip instead.....I had a good swim.

Swim Stats:
3000 yrds
1 hour
5 x 500 with 45sec rest
250 TI drills
250 cool down

Felt good thing about the loooong break from the pool is that I really enjoy getting in the water...hope it lasts until I get my swimming back on track..... Followed up the swim in the evening with a trainer workout while watching the olympics.....did this on my tri-bike....rode for an hour with multiple 5 min intervals at an upper aerobic pace with 2 minutes rest.....first time on the tribike this season so felt a bit awkward in the aero bars.....with more time this should subside I about the Olympics!?!.....GO USA!! I love watching the speed skating....those guys are smoooooooooth...... *peace*


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