Thursday, February 16, 2006

Flogging via Computrainer

Took a lunch run today was clear but it was COLD out there...probably in the low 40's....not bad once I started moving....funny but tripped on some rocks about 10 minutes into the run and almost took a tumble....ended up with too much momentum bent over stumbling with my hands on the ground doing the wheelbarrow.....not sure how I avoided going down completely but it was on a pretty rocky section of trail so glad I was wearing gloves!

Run Stats:
38 minutes Tualatin Hills Park loop
5 miles / Low Z2 HR
Nice workout.

I followed that up with a brutal computrainer ride after work...figured I would do some hillwork so picked a course that had some mountain right in the middle ....can't remember the name of the course now which is unfortunate because I'll probably get sucked into doing it again since I won't remember which course to avoid! It started off pretty normal...couple rollies in the 5-6% range but then on the actual mountain climb it jumped to a 8% grade and kept getting steeper....couple times I checked the screen and it was rocking a 14.8% incline....ridiculous.....pretty much averaged over 10% grade with the brutal 14's thrown in to totally trash your quads.

Bike Stats
1 hour

Post-ride, I was glad i ended up doing the hilly ride.....makes those 6% grades feel like I'm on the flats! ;-)
Tomorrow's Friday and it's a 3 day weekend- yeah!


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