Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Friday!

You gotta love Friday leading into a 3 day weekend! Looks like we have clear weather through the weekend but it is FREEZING!! With the wind chill it will be in the low teens in the am tomorrow....not sure if I will bike or run in the am but will definitely bust out some layers. Today was a pretty good training day....on the way to gym today at lunch, I had delusions of running outside but the 5 minute walk across campus quickly nixed vest and gloves wouldn't cut it today.....ended up hitting the dreadmill:

Run Stats:
45 Minutes Total
Low Z2 HR
8:30 pace @ 2% incline for 42 minutes
3 minute cooldown for about 5.2 miles
Quick weight session post run: 3 x 15 tricep curls / 3 x 15 seated row / 3 x 15 lat pulldown

Post work, I hit the pool for a swim...nothing scheduled in the pool on Fridays so the whole day is open for lap swimming. I was feeling good hitting 1:30's for my 100's during my 500's when an older guy got in the pool, he was a bit overweight but an awesome an instant he could put 20 yards on me and didn't look like he was working too hard. Granted I was at the end of my workout but based on the way this guy could swim, it wouldn't have mattered. Definitely reinforces the fact that regardless of your fitness level, someone with great technique will have the upperhand every time......I'm sure he enjoyed kicking my ass! ;-)

Swim Stats:
1 hour
4 x 500 w/45 second rest
1 x 250 TI drills
1 x 500
1 x 250 TI drills



Blogger Steven said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for visting my blog. We should get together and meet sometime for some rides/runs. I do most of my training solo because there aren't too many crazy enough to keep up. you might be. ;)
I will for sure follow along while you gear up for IMC 06 and I will be there too as a volunteer so I can sign up for 07.

9:26 AM  

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