Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mele Kelikimaka In February

X-mas came very early for me as I finally got all the cold weather riding gear I ordered awhile back....always nice to get new stuff...I should be ready for most cold /wet weather now so no excuses.....waterproof jacket & a windbreaker (both in a "drivers have no excuse not to see me obnoxious yellow"), windfront thermal bibs, windfront leg warmers, thermal arm warmers, thermal knee warmers, thermal hoodie, summer gloves that I won't be using anytime soon....saddle up!
Had a nice training day......woke up a bit late after watching the olympics all night and thought I'd skip my semi-long ride until tomorrow.....not a big fan of the 25 deg / feels like 18 deg weather forecast this morning....damn, that is cold.....headed over to the campus for a soft run around the campus trail....suited up in my tights / thermal long sleeve/ vest and hit it for multiple loops.

Run Stats:
10 miles
1:14 total time
5 x 2 mile loop
14:30 loop 1
15:15 loop 2
13:45 loop 3
15:20 loop 4
14:50 loop 5

Definitely working on several of those loops, HR jumped into Z3 on some of the rollies and while pushing into some strong headwinds....felt good though....i'm not fast but at least I'm semi-consistent! ;-) Immediately suited up for a recovery swim, post- run....a bit tired but figured it would provide some recovery for the legs.....glad I decided to bring a gel that I sucked down before I hit the pool.

Swim Stats
2500 yrds / 45 minutes
4 x 500 / 45 sec - 1 min rest
1 x 250 TI drills
1 x 250 cooldown

Vegged out at Barnes and Noble post-swim after wolfing down a Turkey sandwich then headed home for an hour on the computrainer.....did "Chris's Winter Spin"....nice course with an extended roller right in the middle.

Bike Stats
1 hour: 5 min warm-up calibration / 55 minute ride
16 miles / 17.1mph ave
141 watts ave
98 cadence ave

Time to watch the Olympics....*peace*


Blogger Steven said...

Nice workout today, Mike. But you should have ridden outside. It was fabulous. The chill wasn't too bad, in fact it was warm climbing up Bald Peak. but the East Winds coming home sucked big time. Oh well. Got it done. See ya out there!

10:16 PM  

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