Sunday, February 19, 2006

Learning The Hard Way....

Another beautiful day...I could definitely get used to the sunny weather, just wish it was about 30 degrees warmer! ;-) I bundled up for my bike ride and all was well....very cold (in the low 30's) but not too much wind to speak of so didn't have to deal with the monster headwinds like those brave souls who saddled up yesterday. I was feeling good and made it a point to bring enough fuel this time so I wouldn't bonk......kept it in the small ring and worked on high cadence spinning.....climbed up and over Bald Peak Mtn...the pic is near the top as I was heading back down the other side...the pic definitely does not do the scenery was clear without any clouds in sight....all the snow covered mountains in the distance were beautiful...if you look closely you can see one in the pic..not sure which mountain that is but nice to stop at the top and soak it all in for a few minutes.....coming back down the other side was PAINFUL...I didn't take enough glove for the cold temps and my hands were burning on the way down.....the icy winds were cutting through my gloves as if I didn't have any on........reminds of the frozen hands I used to suffer while surfing in Monterey / Santa Cruz during the winters- ouch!!....I think this was worse .....I learned my lesson though as I was left with two useless frozen paws making it difficult to brake.....Going forward, I'll definitely keep my route in mind while planning out my all my gear........once I hit the flats, my hands slowly thawed out and I ended up spinning for a bit. At mile 38 I could no longer ignore the Snickers in my back pocket and pulled over for a quick break to enjoy my treat....sugar rush- nice! Exactly what I needed for the push home.....overall good ride except for the freezing hands on the descent down Bald Peak.....

Bike Stats
59.25 miles
4:05 total time
14.5mph ave
137 HR ave Z1



Blogger Steven said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for stopping by my blog again. regarding Laurelwood...the Lance Ride did not climb Laurelwood. It would have killed people. The Lance Ride climbed Bald Peak from the South and then dropped to the East which is the way i climbed it yesterday. Laurelwood drops to the North about 2 miles from the park and just before the long descent the Lance ride took. It is the nastiest climb or descent I know of. I'll take you on it sometime!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I have climbed Bald Peak from both sides of Bald Peak Mtn Road....Do you know which road cut up the side of the mountain during the Lance Ride (it intersects Bald Peak Mtn Rd)? I've never done it before / since but it was pretty tough....Laurelwood sounds sick! I'll have to take you up on it if I can find a 40T casset for the rear! ;-)

8:04 PM  

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