Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good Run / Good Bike

Steve made a comment on my last post asking why I would run on a treadmill vs. outside...just want to make it clear that I don't have an aversion to running in the rain. I actually don't mind it if I have the proper gear. Getting rained on while training doesn't bother me but I am NOT a fan of training in cold weather without the proper layers. I see a lot of diehard running vets here at Nike leaving the gym on some pretty cold days with only shorts and a short sleeve shirt...they must have grown up here or are running pretty darn fast to get warmed up....I'll do the layers, thank you.

I guess I am typically too optimistic about the weather or my chances of getting out early so I don't pack all the extra gear into work...tights / jackets / gloves, etc.....hmmm, maybe subconsciously I am minimizing my chances of actually having to run outside?? I am going to start making an effort to bring extra gear so that I have no excuses going forward.

I love it up here in Oregon.....I'm a tree-huggin, dirt & nature lovin I just need to start embracing everything the weather gods throw at me...

Starting Tomorrow.

Today I had another treadmill run....the weather was pretty wild today...the wind was actually gave me a good workout wrestling an umbrella and trying to keep it from flipping inside out on the walk to the gym at lunch.....exciting times! My run went pretty well...still early but starting to absorb the increase in least it's getting easier mentally.

Run Stats
Treadmill 1.5% incline
45 minute run / 5 minute walk cooldown
6.5 miles
7:13 / mile pace
165 HR ave Z2

After work, met some friends for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory....I had never been there which they thought was strange but not a big fan of too many chain restaurants out there and wasn't too impressed with my dinner....probably should have skipped the dinner and just tried a piece of their cheesecake but was strong enough to refrain from eating dessert. At least the high calorie dinner motivated me to hit the bike....did intervals on the tri-bike trainer tonight.

Bike Stats
Tri-bike Trainer
1 hour total
10 minute w/up
6 x 5 minute intervals (Z2 HR) w/2 min spin recoveries
1 x 3 minute interval (Z2 HR)
5 minute easy spin

aaaah...feeling good



Blogger Steven said...

Your "Starting tomorrow." comment cracked me up.

I've learned to bring gear for sun, wet, warm, and cold during this time of year.

Like Forrest would say..."ya never know what you're gonna get..."

1:15 PM  

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