Saturday, March 18, 2006

Laps On Top Of Laps On Top Of Laps

Without any rain falling this morning, I decided to hit the Nike Campus woodchip trail for my long legs are definitely not 100% with residual soreness from all the running lately. I know the rule about not increasing volume and intensity at the same time but just need to stretch it out over the next couple of weeks. The only bummer about doing a long run on the trail is that it measures about 2.03 miles for each loop which translates into laps on top of laps on top of laps....It beats running inside on the mill though.

Initially had some strange soreness in my left calf...couldn't push off on it due to the soreness and had to compensate by using my right leg alot more on the rolling sections of uphill running. After a couple laps, that flushed out but then it was just a long slooow fade to the end. It didn't help that I had to run by my car every lap....not too bad the first 5/6 times but definitely had a conversation with my inner couch potato asking me to cut it short everytime I passed the car after about 14 miles.....but I am happy to report that I perservered to the end.

Talk to the hand...voices inside my head.......I ain't droppin like a punk!

Overall, happy with the run since my legs were already fatigued from the start. I used my garmin so sorry about all the data- just posting it for reference purposes.

Run Stats
22.25 Miles Total
2:54:17 Total Time
7:52 /Mile Average - Total Run
165 HR Ave Total Run (Z2)

10 x 2.03 mile loop
1. 15:29 7:49 / mile 158HR
2. 15:34 7:33 / mile 164HR
3. 15:38 7:49 / mile 166HR
4. 15:29 7:42 / mile 167HR
5. 15:41 7:44 / mile 165HR
6. 15:44 7:44 / mile 166HR
7. 16:04 7:53 / mile 164HR
8. 16:15 8:05 / mile 164HR
9. 16:10 8:05 / mile 163HR
10. 16:34 8:17 / mile 163HR
11. 16:10 7:59/ mile 165HR

Any sushi lovers out there? I like to reward myself for doing a punishing workout so did some serious damage at the sushi bar, post run....yum.

Decided to do a spin on the bike tonight to try and flush out some of the stiffness from my legs....well, didn't seem to work but at least I got some saddle time in.

Bike Stats
Computrainer - Chris' Winter Spin Course
1 Hour: 5 minute warmup / 55 minute ride (easy)
14 Miles Total
15.2 MPH Ave
129 Watts Ave
95 Cadence
118 HR (Z1)



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Nice work on those laps. HR and pace are pretty steady!

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