Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tomorrow Becomes Today.....

Where does the time go...seems like I blink and one day is already rolling into the next....

After crawling out the hole I dug myself into on Sunday, I felt surprisingly "ok" on monday...not great, but I didn't feel like doody either. I decided to re-acquaint myself with the pool. My love / hate relationship with the pool....*sigh*....I plan to start hitting some longer swims. I was reviewing some old training schedules from Coach KP and totally forgot I was actually doing 1.5 hr swim workouts 3 times a week in my ramp-up to Canada, years past...OOF!

I think the goal was to gain additional aerobic bennies without killing yourself on the bike / run. Also, to put in enough volume so I didn't feel any fatigue exiting the swim. It allowed me to split a 1:04 which is HUGE for a non-swimmer like me. Probably had a lot to do with the swim conditions in Canada....those lakes up there are like swimming pools....CLEAR and perfect for drafting.....oooh, but i digress....all that buildup for my measly 45 minute workout stats....

Monday Swim Stats
45 Minutes Total
2500 Yards:
5 x 500

Post work, decided to give my legs a test...alot of volume on the weekend but they were feeling much better and the mysterious pain in my left heel wasn't an issue. I'm sure I looked like crap but once I got my legs under me, it wasn't too bad.

Monday Run Stats
1 hour (rolling / hills)
7.4 Miles total
151 HR Ave

Today, I got tied up at work so was unable to get in a run at lunch

F$!#! F%$#@!! F#%$@!! Ok, not too happy about that....

Also, lolly-gagging, post work, had me rolling out for my bike at 6:40 pm....I was leaning toward doing a recovery type spin but my legs felt pretty fresh. Kept it aerobic but threw in multiple BIG gear intervals. False flats and into the wind with no complaints from the ole legs....nice ride. The only bummer was that I rode out a bit too far and ended up heading home as it started getting dark. Not completely dark but I didn't feel too comfortable out there. I was very glad when I finally hit home at 9pm.

Tuesday Bike Stats
2:17 Total Time
45.7 Miles Total
19.8 MPH Ave
141 HR Ave

Be careful out there...always ride defensively!!



Blogger Chris said...

That's an awesome swim split for a "non-swimmer"! I have lots of non-swimmer friends that would kill for a split like that!

I saw the registration changes for Canada in 2007. Looks like you'll only be able to sign up yourself this year and not another person? And then they're doing that whole lottery thing afterwards? Should be interesting?

2:51 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

I'm totally afraid of riding at all . . .

4:45 AM  
Blogger Lora said...

Looks like you're back on track! Great job.

4:54 AM  
Blogger Cliff said...

Split a 1:04..is that a 4 km swim? Woah nice.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Donald said...

You've definitely got swim skills in you somewhere if you posted that split in the past. You just need to find them again, which is a lot easier than creating them.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

A non-swimmer that can crank-out a 1:40 IM is a not a non-swimmer in my book!

Glad to see things are coming around for ya. You should be able to pull me up Larch Mountain pretty well on Sunday!

2:32 PM  
Blogger robtherunner said...

Time is definitely flying by these days. Before you know it your IM will be upon you, but I am willing to bet that you will be ready.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

i hate when work gets so busy. then it leaves you feeling drained. way to get that bike in there anyway!

4:59 PM  

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