Saturday, July 22, 2006

Columbia Gorge Ride

Steven really outdid himself today in his "Cycling Tour Guide" role. We ended riding for 4 VERY scenic hours in the Columbia Gorge today. As planned, we rolled out really early and we were cycling by 7am.

I've never ridden in the Gorge but based on what Steven had told me, I brought the ole camera with me.....the Japanese blood in me....what can I say. Actually was pretty fun and I was able to practice my skills with the JRA (just riding along) shots....not too bad if I say so myself. Thank God I didn't go down or take anyone down in the process! ;-)

It actually wasn't too bad heat-wise, the majority of the ride was covered by a beautiful canopy of trees. aaaaah...the beauty of Oregon.....take a look

This shot was taken during a quick stop at Crown Point. We started down at sea level by the river so you can see we got a good dose of climbing to this point. We then descended back down to the river on our way to Multnomah Falls.

Steven pulling the train. This is on the descent from Crown Point to Multnomah Falls....empty roads, beautiful tree cover....doesn't get much better than this....

Me doing the tourist pose at Multnomah- we got here early before the crowds showed up. Quick stop to refill bottles then it was time to turn around and head back UP to Larch Mountain via Crown Point.

Steven and Ryoji...say cheeeeze.....I pulled the camera out of my pocket, hammered past them and was able to turnaround and get the shot without crashing....nice

To be continued in the next post......


Blogger IMmike said...

great photos mike

8:07 AM  
Blogger Papa Louie said...

beautiful pictues! I want to go ride there.

3:35 PM  

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