Friday, July 21, 2006

Catching Up

I apologize for my lack of posting lately. Between training, catching the Tour, and work- I have been buried. The training has been going well. I currently have a couple friends visiting from Cali and one of them is a cyclist so we have spent the last week burying each other on the hills around my stuff.

Training Updates

Friday 7/14
1.5 Hr Bike Easy
25 Miles
121 HR

Saturday 7/15
6.75 Hr HILLY Bike
104.8 miles
15.5 MPH Ave
135 HR Ave

This ride was BRUTAL (note pedestrian ave speed) - it ended up being pretty ridiculous as we hit every hill in town and it just ended up being a climbing suffer-fest. All we could do in the end was laugh though.....a couple of 17-18% grades will do that to you. Nothing like a violent ascent to rip your legs off.

Bald Peak (climbed both sides)
Chehalem BRUTAL
Laurelwood BRUTAL (see pics)
Hagg Lake
Blooming Fern

My friend Ryoji claiming it- this is the bottom half of Laurelwood..STEEEEEEP

Me at the top of Laurelwood, post-climb. I made sure to wipe away the tears before the shot!

Sunday 7/16
4.5 Hr Bike
66.7 Miles
15.4 Ave Speed

Sunday was another climb-fest. We didn't go out as long but we hit some of the same climbs including the 17-18% Laurelwood, Bald Peak, Hagg Lake, and Blooming Fern. Ouch - nuff said

Monday 7/17
3000 Yrds
54 Minutes

1 Hr
7.4 Miles
149 HR

Tuesday 7/18
45 minutes
6 miles
152 HR

Bike Easy Spin
1.75 Hrs
28 Miles
115 HR

Wednesday 7/19
Run Long
18.4 Miles
154 HR Ave

Thursday 7/20
Run - HOT
40:46 Minutes
5 Miles
16:11 (2 miles)
16:15 (2 miles)
8:19 (1 mile)
152 HR

Bike- windy
felt ok considering all the volume and long run yesterday- felt good pushing into the wind
42.1 Miles
19.3 Ave Speed
129 HR Ave

Friday 7/21
53 Minutes
3000 Yards Total
1 x 2000 Free
1 x 250 TI drills
1 x 500 Free
1 x 250 TI drills
I was planning on doing 1 x 3000 but bonked near the end of the 2000. Note to self- eat lunch before working out!

We are right in the middle of a major heatwave up here. Driving home from work today, my temp gauge in the car was registering an outside temp of 105!! really sucks the motivation right out of you. I was planning on riding after work but decided against it since the hottest temps were right around 5pm.....Tomorrow should be a great day of riding thanks to Steven. He is going to drag us around the hills in the Columbia Gorge and we are leaving early to beat the HEAT.

Have a great weekend- be safe out there.



Blogger Chris said...

Dude... that's some MONSTER bike volume on back to back days on hard courses. You must really have been inspired by those mountain stages of the tour, eh? :)

4:02 AM  

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