Sunday, July 30, 2006


I headed out for a MEGA-brick and it went pretty well. Weather was a bit strange but I 'll take it over the hell-like temps of last week. I headed out with arm / knee warmers and a windvest because of the chill and ended up keeping them on for the duration of the ride. After taking awhile to warm-up I started heading for the hills at Hagg Lake. I wanted to make this a tough workout so the plan was to hit the hills on the bike / run and see if I could hang on.

The ride was pretty uneventful on the way out to Hagg but about a mile before the entrance of the park, I got passed by a paceline of 4-6 riders without nary a word. The guy in the back had the audacity to pass me on a Brand Spankin New BEAUTIFUL Cervelo P3C. I don't get the silent pass...what is wrong with people today....probably the over-trained grouch in me but would it kill people to say hello / wave?? I ended up passing them all as we climbed the first big hill into Hagg Lake as they slowed considerably and turned into the park halway up the hill while I continued chugging up the rest of the hill. I was feeling pretty good so ended up doing 3 turns around Hagg Lake (3 x 10 miles hills / rollies). After I turned out of the park, I hit some wind but it wasn't too bad and decided to head toward Bald Peak. I knew it was going to hurt and be a whole different ballgame climbing it at mile 80 vs. mile 10 into a ride but, again, wanted to go long and hurt.

Hurt I did

I hit a bad patch right before the climb (this point it was mile 81 into the ride) and not sure if the bad patch was just the climb hurting or if I was really not feeling it. In any case, the 4.5 mile climb to the top HURT....I felt like Landis on the day of his spectacular mega-bonk....luckily I never fell over but alot of standing / suffering on the slooooow climb. I was really glad to see the top of that mountain and once I refueled a bit and sucked down some hammergel, I came back to life. I ended up descending down Laurelwood and riding out the back toward Hagg Lake again. I was entertaining the thought of doing one more loop around the hilly lake but decided that I was already hitting some serious mileage so turned it around and hammered home. At this point about 6.25 hrs into the ride and the energy was good. I was able to push it all the way home and rolled in after 7.5 hours in the saddle.

After a quick change into some running gear, I headed out for my run. I was really curious on how it would go. Always nice to head out for a run after a looong bike because it will make any fueling mistakes that you made on the bike painfully evident real soon. I was very lucky in that I seemed to nail the nutrition on_this_ particular_ ride. I didn't have the typical bloated feel that I've suffered thru in several IM races where I was overly cautious about taking in calories (taking too many) and suffered with some stomach issues on the run. I really think the key is to come off the bike a little bit hungry/under-fueled so that you will actually be able to eat / fuel on the run.

After the typical 5 minute baby-step shuffle off the bike, I found my run legs and felt surprisingly good after such a long day. I ended up running 8 miles over an out and back course with headwind and a trip climbing up and over the "3 bitches" on the way back......the hills never seemed that bad before but after such a long day, those hills killed. I ended up averaging 8 min / miles so pretty happy with that...especially after such a long and hilly bike.

Brick Workout Stats
8:34:02 Total Time

130.4 Miles Total
17.4 MPH Ave
136 HR Ave

8.0 Miles
154 HR

I was planning a "longish" ride around 3.5-4 hrs and by the time I was ready to roll out I was VERY SURPRISED to find it pouring outside. Where in the hell did that rain come from!?!? I went upstairs threw on my waterproof jacket and started getting my cyclocross bike ready for the ride since it had fenders on it. Of course, right when I was getting ready to head out again, it stopped raining....aaarghhh!! I ended up grabbing my tri-bike and taking off the jacket and heading out....the roads were wet and I was getting sprayed but it sure beat riding the "rain-bike". The joy was short-lived though because, along with the friggen rain, I hit some serious wind. I mean serious as in pushing a gear into the wind while in your aero-bars at 14-15 mph wind.


After the long day in the saddle Saturday, I just didn't have the strength, mentally, to fight the wind all day so I cut it short and headed home. is really doing some strange things up here....

Bike Stats
2:48 Total Time
50.1 Miles
17.9 MPH Ave
123 HR Ave

Now it's time to absorb some of this fitness.....If only I had an extra month of training before IMC...where do the days go!?!

Breathe Deep



Blogger Chris said...

HOLY LONG RIDE, DUDE! 130 miles??! That's more than any other AGer's long ride that I know. That 112 is going to feel like a cake walk in Canada.

Great job on the ride man. Way to gut out the bad patch. It's amazing how the body can go south and then recover in a fairly short span of time, don't you think?

Have a great week!

3:36 AM  
Blogger Cliff said...


Saddle for 7.5 hrs? Nuts. U sure take the meaning long to the next level :).

7:02 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

Very nice, Mike.

130 miles in our area is no easy task so hat's off to you buddy!

And the Sunday rain!!! Wouldn't you know the first clouds/rain we've had in over a month is on the day of the Lance Ride. The Plasma is flithy! And I also hit wind on Marine drive. Sounds like we both cursed the weather yesterday...

Nice job on the Epic Weekend.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Donald said...

Wow - that's some serious mileage. You are ready to rock!

11:42 AM  
Blogger Nic said...

Mike, you're an animal! You definitely earned a rest day after all that. Keep it up.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Impressive, very very impressive. And then you add a run onto to the end. That is epic, indeed. You are one your way with or without that 30 days you're looking for.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Whitaker Family said...

Nice work Mike. Almost a 9 hr day? YIKES! Way to be on the mental energy to go long without having a long time to ramp up. Can we all say, "deeeeeeeeeeeeeep base"?!?!?! IMC, Yellow Lake, yada, yada... Sniffin' a PR out there in that wind? Avg HR 123 - tell me it's recovery or else look out Gordo! I should post Ruby & Oogy to watch for an age group qualifier out there. CHIP recovery food for Mike! (...and a beer!)

10:31 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

Wow, that is one helluva tough workout. Way to power through it!

9:36 AM  

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