Friday, July 28, 2006

Forecast = Epic

The forecast for tomorrow is holding with cloudy and 75 degrees- it is just screaming epic workout so hopefully nothing gets in the way of me pulling some serious saddle time. I better get to bed here soon so I won't be thrashed from the get go!

Today was a pretty good day.....I had a nice swim at lunch and met Steven after work for some burgers and beers at the Roadhouse. Nice to relax and have a chat vs. trying to hang on to his wheel or maintain his run pace! ;-) He also gave me a sneak peak at his bike porn....looks like his 07 race season is lining up very nicely already.

After dinner, I was motivated to work off that mushroom burger, fries and beer so went for a rolling / hilly run. Hopefully it did the trick!

Workout Stats

Lunch Swim
59 minutes
3250 Yards
1 x 1500 Free
1 x 250 TI drills
1 x 1500 Free

7.6 Miles
150 HR Ave

No couch surfing this weekend- make your adventures happen!!



Blogger Chris said...

Man... I can't remember when the high here was 75 degrees?! How is it that you all have higher lows in the winter and lower highs in the summer? I hate this place!

Have a great epic day!

4:56 AM  
Blogger Whitaker Family said...

Yo Mike - Just checkin' in for details on the epic weekend. Hope all went well, you're good and strong and you flew. I had a long ride this morning too - 15.57 miles! Floyd IS clean. Seem Jurgan is facing the same thing too. Will check back in tomorrow, bro.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

I know, Mike. I don't have any time anymore! I kind of miss my computer time... Hope your weekend was epic, though!

9:39 PM  

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