Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm Keeping My Fingers Crossed For A Boring Week....Please!

Hey- thanks all for the nice posts regarding my mishaps! I can't believe I crashed out a week before the race. It is such a rookie move- I think the last time I went down was about 3/4 years ago at least then it wasn't my own fault. This is, by far, the worst taper I've had to deal with for any race. No relaxation at all. It's enough to make a guy paranoid....Lora mentioned hiding out because bad things happen in threes.....yikes! Well, all I can do is roll with it at this point.....i'm rolling.

As expected, the pain/soreness was much worse on Saturday. I could barely move my left arm above my head due to the pain in my shoulder muscles / rib cage. Even then, I had to do it sloooowly because of the pain- glad I didn't have to swim 2.4 that day! I'm not sure how my rib cage got rocked but a lot of soreness there. I decided to take a rest day. My sister's boyfriend was in town for work so it was an excuse to give him a brief tour of Portland.

Sunday, I decided to test the body with a short run / bike. The soreness was a bit better and, while it hurt running, I was able to get in a workout. I just did a easy spin on the trainer, post-run, with some 60 intervals at 200watts that didn't feel too hard. Here are the stats:

Run Stats
28:50 Time
4 miles
158 HR

30 Min
5 x 60 sec @ 200 watts
132 HR

Today was a forced rest day. I went to the gym and suited up for my test swim (test the shoulder) but when I tried to enter the pool area it was locked. I had forgotten that they were planning on shutting down the pool for a month beginning today. F^&#%@! Oh well, maybe it is a sign for me to rest my shoulder for the race. That swim is not going to be fun- my only wetsuit swim this year was during my Pac Crest race in June. In years past, I was engaging in ocean swims 1-2x / week, pre-race, so I was dialed in to swimming in my suit. This year, not so much.

Well..enough of the negative stuff. I am feeling pretty darn lucky that I will be able to toe the line this year. I wanted to thank you all for sharing the journey with me this year. It's nice to have a connection with others that are truly passionate.....or truly mad! I guess it's all about perspective right?! ;-)

Go big people- make it count!



Blogger Chris said...

Hopefully accidents *don't* come in threes. It sounds like your shoulder is starting to get better though. I know I usually feel the worst 24-48 hours after an injury, so the worst should be over! I'm sure it'll be tip top come the weekend.

Look at that volume! It must be awfully nice to finally be into race week, eh? :)

6:21 AM  
Blogger Cliff said...

A forced taper? :)...

I went for an open water swim yesterday and have 2 bad cuts on my feet. I guess I might have to rest more as well :O.

Good luck in IMC.. I am sure u will rock the course.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

Relax Mike.
Everything will be fine and there is nothing to sweat over at this point.
Sunday is coming on quick and you are ready!
See you there Saturday!

1:39 PM  
Blogger Lora said... are pretty darn lucky AND truly mad!!

You're going to do great!!

4:54 PM  
Blogger hazben said...

Mike - Best of luck, my friend. Hear's hoping all goes well and only good vibes your direction. Hello to Deb, go easy on the swim and don't start hammering the bike till at least a mile into the course! We'll be thinking of you and can't wait to hear of another sub-10:50 time for you. GOOD LUCK!

6:40 AM  

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