Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keep On Movin'

Just surfacing real quick to let you all know I'm still alive and kicking! ;-)
As the Ironman Canada clock went sub-50 awhile back, I decided that stressing about the chronically injured status of my feet wasn't helping matters so I decided to focus on doing everything I could to get them to a point where I could run semi-regularly. Here's a couple of good things that you all should look into:

Evolution Running or Pose Method or Chi whatever form, improving your run technique is definitely worth the time investment. I purchased the Evolution Running DVD and it is definitely worth every penny.

Take a look at your running race photos- heel striking? If so, it's only a matter of time before you get some type of nagging injury. Work on the technique my friends! Don't learn the hard sucks!

ASTYM- If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or any soft-tissue injury, get into see a PT who is certified in this injury treatment protocol. After only 4 treatments, I've noticed a HUGE difference in my PF pain. The best thing about ASTYM is that they encourage you to keep running thru the treatment phase. The only regret I have is that I didn't get in sooner before my PF was so bad. Check out the website, YES- the treatment is pretty painful at times but the payoff is definitely worth it!

Don't worry, be happy! Seriously, if you are dealing with an injury, It doesn't have to shut you down. Remember the glass is always half full right? If you can't run, swim more. If you can't swim, run more...and so on. For me it's been all about the bike lately. I need to make sure that I get off the bike as fresh as possible at IMC since I won't have the optimal run fitness going in! Here's my finish shot from a good day in Canada...aaah, memories.... I'll definitely be giving a 100% of whatever I have on the day, come 8/26/07. Daylight finish baby!!! :-)

I also had a appt. with my awesome podiatrist and had him modify my new orthotics. Unfortunately, they no longer look nice and new like this photo taken the other day.

He went to town on them with a grinder and saw but they are much more comfortable now. Also, I got some cushioned shoes (Air Max Moto) to help with the PF foot pain since the orthotics should provide all the structural correction I need.

Ok, enough about my feet...or at least my injured feet. How about some very cool cycling shoes. It's really unfortunate that Nike got out of the retail cycling business because there was some really cool stuff coming down the pipe in 07 and beyond. Including these shoes. I don't think they are available at retail yet but I've been told they're only going to be available in limited quantities. Luckily, since I was involved in the Nike Cycling group, I was given a pair. Actually someone asked me if I could fit a size 43 as she dangled a pair in front of my face. Amazing how my size 42 feet immediately grew a size as I said Yes! ;-) Nothing that an orthotic or insert can't fix right!? They are EXTREMELY LIGHT, especially in comparison to the weight of any other cycling shoe I've ever had in my hot little hands. I think the minimalist upper is pretty cool too.

Speaking of minimalist, check out these new free 3.0's I bought for a friend. They've taken the Free and carved out more of the sole...hopefully I can get to an injury-free status soon so that I can give them a go. My podiatrist would still like me to get into a racing flat which he states will definitely help in the running technique dept. by promoting a forefoot vs. heel-strike since they typically don't have a huge built-up heel.

And last but not least, in case any of you thought I was going soft in the training department. Here's my last two weeks of training, a bit light, as mentioned, in the running dept. but increasing the cycling to compensate.

IMC Training Week 8
21.5 TOTAL Hours

Swim 3.25 Hrs
(10,500 Yrds - 3 swims. Working on longer sets and doing alot of straight 3000's.)
Bike 14.5 Hrs
(240.9 Miles - 4 rides: 58 / 27.6 / 45.3 / 110)
Run 3.75 Hrs
(27 Miles - 4 runs including a "long" run of 11 miles. Much less pounding on the legs with the forefoot strike off the bike.)

IMC Training Week 7
20.75 TOTAL Hours

Swim 1.0 Hrs
(3,500 Yrds - 1 swims. OUCH-swimming took a big hit for some reason last week, Dr. Appts got in the way of a couple workouts)
Bike 17.25 Hrs
(306 Miles - 5 rides: 34.5 / 36 / 62 / 100.4 / 73.1 Solid bike miles - last 3 days were consecutive Fri-Sun)
Run 3.0 Hrs
(22.3 Miles - 3 runs including a "long" run of 11 miles. Working on ramping it up here soon as long as the injury treatment continues to go well)

Currently in the middle of Week 6 and the running has been getting better. The feet are still sore but I've noticed marked improvement with every ASTYM treatment. ANYONE SUFFERING FROM PF, TRY THIS NOW!!!

Finally, lets all send positive vibes out to the STRONG guys and gals rocking Ironman Lake Placid this weekend. I'll be following Cliff, Darren, and Jeremy. Good luck and Godspeed boys- RACE HARD!!

Train smart and be safe out there!



Blogger Spokane Al said...

Glad to see that your feet seem to be on the mend. It is interesting how we end up developing expertise in a number of new areas so we can keep running, biking and swimming.

Those bike shoes are cool looking - will you save them for sunny days and a clean bike so they don't get dirty?

7:47 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Hi Mike - very interesting post. I checked out the links you posted, it is good info! I like the look of the Nike running shoes - great finish photo at IMC.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

Did I tell you my new shoe is a Nike? I'm wearing a Bowerman series of some kind. Too lazy to go check the model right now, but wow I love it. That whole re-vamp they did (with the wider toe box and stuff) is AWESOME and I can finally wear Nikes!

Anyway, Can't wait to cheer you on in IMC! And yes, the paparazzi will be there! :)

8:02 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

Very good that the feet are looking up. Keep on with what you're doing that's working.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Good for you for being so proactive and taking care of your inujuries. Solid training--you know you don't have to prove anything to us!

4:20 PM  

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